EASSU General Meeting & Elections!


EASSU will be holding our first general meeting for the year this Thursday, Sept 30 from 3-5pm in the Purple Lounge. There will be food! Gen meetings are a great chance to meet other EAS students and learn about how to get involved this year in your program. As you know, this year is a particularly challenging one for EAS students as our program is under attack, so we need motivated and committed individuals to help us oppose the Dean’s Academic Plan. However, we’re still also looking for students who are interested in event planning, organizing academic seminars, planning film nights, etc! EASSU will be going on as usual this year, just with some added work as we fight to keep our program.

Elections for exec positions will start at 3:30. If you’re applying for an exec position and have a class conflict at 4, let us know and we’ll try to schedule you so you can do your speech and then go to class. If you have class during the whole 3-5 period, we encourage you to still apply, just send us your application and we’ll read out your answers for you. Better yet, send us a video or audio file of you reading your application and we’ll play it for everyone who’s attending!

For more info on elections, and to find out what positions are available, see here! Deadline for applications is this Tuesday at 11:59pm, so get them in ASAP! If you have any questions, send them to us at eassu@yahoo.ca. Hope to see you there!