EASSU 2013/2014 By-Elections!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the 2013/2014 school year!

We have elections coming up on Friday September 27th at 5:30pm in Sidney Smith room 1069. 

We have positions open for our 2013/2014 EASSU team. If you are interested in taking on a leadership role, representing your fellow EAS students and helping to create an exciting experience outside the classroom, we highly encourage you to apply! Elections will take place on Friday September 27th at 5:30pm in Sidney Smith room 1069.

All students are welcome to attend to vote for this year’s executive team.

Positions Available (see below for detailed description):
Secretary, Treasurer, Media Coordinator, Advertising Officer*, Event Coordinator, Class-Rep Coordinator, Junior Executive.

If you are interested in running for one of the above positions, send the following application to our email eassu.uoft@gmail.com by Thursday September 26th, 11:59pm.

All applicants will be expected to make a short (approx. 3 minute) speech at our elections on Friday September 27 at 5:30pm. Any candidates who cannot attend the elections may send an audio or video file of their speech to our email by September 26th. Otherwise, the final two questions of their application will be read for them by a representative at the elections.

Year of Study and Program:
Phone number:
E-mail address:
What position are you running for:
Why would you like to participate in EASSU:
Why do you feel you are a good candidate for the position:

*Please note that applicants for the position of Advertising Officer must be comfortable using Adobe Photoshop or a similar program and have some graphic design experience. For those interested in this position, please send one or two examples of your photoshop work in .jpg format along with your application.

Takes minutes at meetings and posts them within reasonable time frame; helps manages EASSU e-mail account; coordinates communication amongst members (i.e. scheduling events); manages office and administrative tasks; present at all events.

In charge of all student union finances; manages budgets for union and all events; compiles and submits receipts to ASSU; submits funding requests; present at all events.

Media Coordinator
Manages and updates Facebook group; manages and updates website; compiles mailing list along with President; present at all events. Must have a secure understanding on how to use HTML.

Advertising Officer
In charge of all graphic design work for EASSU, including pamphlets and flyers (may sometimes be asked to create posters); gets posters printed and put up around campus; handles all other promotional work such as contacting media; takes photographs at events; present at all events.

Event Coordinator
Will be working with the President and Treasurer in planning all events and making sure the finances are correct; will make sure that all events are well prepared prior to the event date; will take care of all the logistics of the events; present at all events.

Class-Rep/ Volunteer Coordinator
Establishes class representatives and volunteers for all EAS courses, and will update them with information for events that must be announced in EAS classes; present at all events.

Junior Executive (preferably a 1st or 2nd year student)
Locates and books rooms for all events; books A/V for events; manages set-up for events; assists President with any required tasks; present at all events.

Please make sure you fill out the application completely and send it to eassu.uoft@gmail.com

Good luck and hope to hear from you all soon!