University of Toronto FILM FESTIVAL

University of Toronto FILM FESTIVAL

100 films, 15 countries, 12 rooms, 1 day

March 13th, 2010

TORONTO, ONThe 2010 UofT Film Festival will be held on Saturday, March 13th entirely within Hart House. Multiple rooms throughout the House will be converted into screening venues and screenings will be staggered throughout the day. With the addition of installations, workshops and an ongoing-reception the entire House will serve as a full-fledged film carnival under one roof. Audiences will be invited to wander throughout the House, taking in all we have to offer.

This year’s festival will spotlight social justice issues with a special eye to current modes of censorship.  Our special guest director is Babak Payami (an alumni of the Hart House Film Board) who will present a rare double bill of his films Yek rouz bishtar (One More Day) and his controversial Sokoote beine do fekr (Silence Between Two Thoughts). Mr. Payami also joins the debate and panel discussions on freedom of speech and censorship.

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