University of Toronto FILM FESTIVAL

University of Toronto FILM FESTIVAL

100 films, 15 countries, 12 rooms, 1 day

March 13th, 2010

TORONTO, ONThe 2010 UofT Film Festival will be held on Saturday, March 13th entirely within Hart House. Multiple rooms throughout the House will be converted into screening venues and screenings will be staggered throughout the day. With the addition of installations, workshops and an ongoing-reception the entire House will serve as a full-fledged film carnival under one roof. Audiences will be invited to wander throughout the House, taking in all we have to offer.

This year’s festival will spotlight social justice issues with a special eye to current modes of censorship.  Our special guest director is Babak Payami (an alumni of the Hart House Film Board) who will present a rare double bill of his films Yek rouz bishtar (One More Day) and his controversial Sokoote beine do fekr (Silence Between Two Thoughts). Mr. Payami also joins the debate and panel discussions on freedom of speech and censorship.


1pm Screening, Hart House Theatre: Director in attendance.

Yek rouz bishtar (One More Day) Director: Babak Payami

3:30pm Debate/Discussion, Hart House Debates Room

Members of the Hart House Debate Team and guests will debate limits of freedom of speech

5:30pm Presentation/Discussion, Hart House Debates Room

Censorship, meet Psiphon: A discussion about the software that allows users to circumvent online censorship.

7:30pm Screening, Hart House Theatre: Director in attendance
Sokoote beine do fekr (Silence Between Two Thoughts) Director: Babak Payami

Other Screenings/Events throughout the House (for full details see

· The very best short films by members of the Hart House Film Board, by students in the Cinema Studies Program at UofT, and student filmmaking talent from Canada, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Israel, Germany and Brazil.

  • Back-to-back documentaries on a variety of social justice issues.
  • Animation Playground: Filmmaker Tracy German will be conducting demonstrations of camera-less animation and participants will have the opportunity to make their own films in this FAMILY FRIENDLY event.
  • Installation Art, Buskers and DJ’s, including a hologram exhibition and the soon infamous Soft-core Lounge.
  • Video Release of Blurred Vision’s Hey Ayatollah: a cover of Pink Floyd’s iconic protest song Another Brick in the Wall.

The UofT Film Festival celebrates the University of Toronto’s rich contribution to the arts through its student and alumni film and video makers. UofT alumni who have presented work in person include Atom Egoyan (Family Viewing), Don McKellar (Childstar) and David Sector (Winter Kept us Warm).


What: University of Toronto FILM FESTIVAL

When: Saturday, March 13th, 2010. Events occur between 1pm and Midnight.

Where: In various locations throughout Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle

Cost: Free for screenings and events throughout the upper House

$5 Students/$8 Adults for Featured Screenings in Hart House Theatre

UofTtix Box Office 416.978.8849


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